7 Best Places To Sell Your Product Online

7 Best Places To Sell Your Product Online

7 Best Places To Sell Your Product Online || Start-up Markets to Sell Your Products!

Do you have a product that you want to sell online? There are plenty of options for your business, and finding the best one for your needs can be tough. We have created this article to give you 7 of the best places where you can list and sell your product.

1. Amazon

The first place we suggest is the largest online retailer: Amazon.com. Not only will you find products from third-party sellers, but you will find Amazon’s products as well. So, if you are a startup or a product with low inventory, it might be best to list your product on a site where you know potential customers are shopping and can find your product easily.


• Massive consumer base: Amazon is a billion-dollar company with more than 197 million daily site visitors. Its enormous customer base makes it the best place to sell online, and you can further scale up your profits by partnering with an Amazon marketing company.

• Customer trust: According to an Investor’s survey on how much consumers trust tech companies with their personal information, Amazon ranks first with a Trust Index score of 71.5 percent.

• Functionality: Amazon’s Seller Portal contains everything needed to manage your product catalog, pricing, inventory, shipping rules, and rates.

2. Shopify

If you have a product but want to sell it online and want full control over your sales, you can use Shopify. This site allows you to create a listing and a website where your products are sold. You can also use their dropshipping feature, which means that when someone buys your product on your site, it’s sent from the manufacturer to the customer without you holding any inventory. On this site, you can also partner with their shipping company, Shopify Shipping, where they pick, pack, and ship your items. This is a great feature because it can be very time consuming to manage your inventory, which most small businesses don’t have the resources or staff to take care of.


• Easy to use: Shopify is one of the most accessible online selling platforms for beginners. When building an online store, everything you need to have is built into this custom eCommerce platform.

• High-quality designs: Shopify’s website builder has several customizable themes and design tools with your subscription.

• Business-to-business (B2B) opportunities: Shopify is known among business-to-customer or B2C eCommerce, but its B2B functionalities are less discussed. But Shopify Plus merchants can also access convenient features for B2B transactions.

3. eBay

Another huge online marketplace is eBay. It’s important to note that you will have to pay fees for your product to be listed on this site. eBay is a great place not only because it’s popular and you can attract a lot of traffic with the right listings but also because it has great search engine optimization features. Both buyers and sellers can get traffic from searches and keywords, so it is easy to build up traffic quickly on your listing. Some of their fees include an insertion fee of $0.30 and a final value fee of $1.30. If your product sells, it will also have to pay a closing fee which is $0.20 (which will be split between the buyer and seller).


• Sell used items: New and used items can be sold on eBay, making it the best E-Commerce platform for small business entities.

• Auction: Thanks to its auction feature, you can get a higher price for your item.

• No upfront cost: There is no overhead in terms of upfront costs like renting a storefront or a warehouse.

4. Etsy

Etsy is a great place to sell your product if you are looking for a handmade or vintage product niche. It’s a community of handmade artisans who sell their products and services on the site. Even if you have a product that isn’t handmade, you can still list it on Etsy. Etsy has great search engine optimization features, and since it is a niche site selling handmade or vintage products, you will have your product listed on the first page. You can also integrate with your social media accounts on this site, easily getting immediate and high traffic from Etsy.


• Easy shop set up: Sellers, even those with less experience, can set up a shop within minutes.

• Low listing fees: You will be charged $0.20 for each item you list on the website. However, this is a one-time fee that is charged regardless of whether you sell the item.

• Traffic from search engines: The site has been optimized for search engine traffic, which means that your product listing will rank easily for relevant keywords.

• Targeted traffic through stores: You can target customers within specific niches to visit your shop.

5. Walmart Marketplace

Another popular online marketplace is Walmart. There are a lot of people who shop at Walmart.com, so it’s a great way to sell your product or service. You can easily integrate your existing checkout process with their API interface and set up your listings as you see fit. There are no insertion and final value fees here, like with eBay, but you will pay a $0.15 listing fee if you want to list your product on the site.


• No inventory limitations: There are no stock-keeping unit (SKU) minimums or maximums in the platform, which means you can list a robust product range. This makes Walmart a powerful omnichannel eCommerce platform for your online business.

• Less competition: Walmart Marketplace currently has over 70,000 sellers. This is nowhere near Amazon’s numbers, making it the best place to sell online if you don’t want a lot of competitors.

• Create your return policy: Sellers have more control over return policies because you will be entirely responsible for fulfillment and customer service.

• Reassure customers with the Walmart name: With the world’s biggest brand backing you, it can be much easier to build trust with potential buyers.

• One-stop shopping: It’s easy for your customers to purchase additional products related to the one they are searching for. They can remove an item from their cart and purchase another at once without leaving the site.

6. Craigslist

Craigslist is another great place to list your products for sale. This site gets traffic from all over the world, and many different cities, so you reach a wide customer base by posting on this site. You can also list products in the categories of whatever you sell. Also, you can list your services for sale here if you are a business. The fees for this site are a little bit higher than eBay and Amazon. For example, if you want to list a product that is $10 or less (or whatever amount it is for your listing) on Craigslist, there will be no insertion fee or final value fee. On the other hand, you will have to pay $0.10 to post an ad and an additional $0.05 if you try to edit your ad.

7. Bonanza

One of the largest classifieds sites is Bonanza. The fees for this site will vary based on how much traffic and how many listings you have per month. When you list a product here, you will have the option to create the listing using their instant eBay-style auction format. You can also make your listing private if you don’t want it seen by everyone. Even though eBay is cheaper, Bonanza has many of the same features. It’s easy to get on Bonanza because they accept most advertising services with no additional costs.

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