Ecommerce Email Marketing

If you are running a business, or even if you're just starting one, chances are that you have already heard of Email Marketing.

This marketing is free and comes in many forms, but the most popular include sending out a newsletter to your existing customers with updates on your products or other special offers.

If you don't have many customers yet, this is the time to start building your email marketing list.

Here are some suggestions on how to attract them.

1. Post a Privacy Policy. Make sure they know your email address is not shared with anyone and that you respect their privacy.

You can include information about how customers can unsubscribe from the mailing list if they so wish.

2. Build an opt-in page and send out an email campaign. When people purchase at your store or register to receive coupons and special offers, don't forget to ask them for their email addresses.

3. Get social. If you have a Facebook page, you can grow your email marketing list by asking your customers to subscribe when they like your page.

When someone likes your page, they can immediately be subscribed to receive updates. You should also have an 'email subscribes' box on your Facebook profile so people can subscribe directly from that area.

4. Get people to promote your business online. If you have customers who are willing to share your website with their friends, it will be easy to have people join your mailing list.

You can also promote your website by advertising on other websites and blogs within your niche.

5. Include an email opt-in when you purchase something online. This is a common marketing practice for shopping carts and checkout pages for many online businesses.

6. Referral programs. If you have a site like or, where you are selling items, offer your customers a reward for referring their friends to your online store or business.

You can achieve this with a number of free referral software programs, or you can create your own with the help of an email marketing software program like Aweber.