What is Big E Commerce ?

Big e-commerce refers to the size of retail sales that are happening from just one website or entity online.

In other words, big e-commerce means an online retailer or seller has a lot of traffic and as a result, a lot of sales occur through that entity.

The definition of "big" or "large" is subjective to the person who is measuring the activity.

Who Measures Big E-Commerce?

In terms of the United States, any entity can measure this metric.

For example, Google measures its own metrics on the amount of online traffic that goes to its servers and how many clicks are happening.

Google also measures the amount of text searches that happen. They publish these numbers every month in their quarterly earnings reports. These are all examples of Big E-Commerce measurements.

Examples Of Big E-Commerce Metrics

A good example of a metric is the number of sales on Amazon.com in the U.S. This is a specific measurement that only

Amazon can provide to investors, analysts and those in media who want to track this information for reference purposes, etc.

Amazon does not have this type of data for any other country in the world. So, it is a big e-commerce metric that no one else will be able to provide.

Big E-Commerce And The U.S. Economy

Big E-Commerce is a highly watched metric in the United States because it has so much to do with the economy in general, specifically U.S. jobs, &

Also because investors want to make sure they are getting their fair share of each online retailer's activity (i.e. selling their products online).