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WordPress Stories

Many WordPress websites are created for people who want to share and publish their creative work.

But how do you know what's worth your time? This article is going to talk about some of the best places on the web to find quality WordPress-powered stories.

The WordPress Stories Directory is an amazing resource that features a wide range of short stories, personal narratives, and memoirs that are uploaded by authors all over the world. Finding these works is easy when you know where to look.

The Directory has two categories: Newbies and Experts. Stories start at 500 words and there are no restrictions on topics.

The only requirement is that your story is in English (though many submissions are written in other languages).

Featured stories are automatically curated by WordPress staff, while the Latest stories change as new submissions come in. Searching for a story will take you to that specific story's page.

The Newbies category has several subcategories, such as "Love stories," "Travel" and "Adventures." Each subcategory contains recommended stories categorized by type.

For instance, the Love stories section contains five recommended stories that are notable because they're not all romance or love stories.

Each story also features its author's personal bio, including a photo. The most popular story in each subcategory is featured on that category's main page.

Stories are arranged in chronological order so that you can follow the lineage of a particular idea. For instance, one story might be about an outdoor adventure and another may be about a romantic getaway.

A reader can also choose between the option to View All or View Selected. To view all stories, they'll have to scroll all the way down to see them.

This function allows readers to search for specific stories based on the genre and category it's in as well as by their name.

Readers can also filter their results by choosing only new stories or a particular subcategory, and they can also choose not to include their own stories.

If you use WordPress and want to contribute your own work, you can easily upload your writing with the online form.

The website format is open, so you can be creative with your submission if that's what inspires you.